Cycling Ride Reports

Just for fun, this is a place for me to post more casual blog-type reports on my various cycling trips, mostly around Southwestern Pennsylvania. I’m not a particularly good cyclist, but I do enjoy it. I now do enough cycling that writing an entry for each ride is not practical, so I’ll only mention rides that are somehow noteworthy here. If you really feel like it, you can see my other rides on my Strava profile, although I’m not too sure why you’d want to see it.

A brief history of me and bikes: I’ve always enjoyed cycling. In elementary school, I had the pleasure of biking down the street to school every morning. As a high school student, I would occasionally ride around the county, going to the beach or to the library. I loved the freedom and simplicity of going places on two wheels.

I initially hadn’t brought a bike to college, but at the start of the pandemic, I (like many others) got a bicycle to avoid public transit. Over the summer, I started to take longer and longer trips—a half-century, then a century, then a bike-packing trip—and I eventually started thinking of myself as a (road) cyclist. I’ve since committed wholeheartedly to the role and gotten a nice road bike, and try to get in rides whenever the weather and class schedule align to allow it.

A technical note: I know that some image thumbnails in posts are flipped, although most of the full resolution images seem to be unaffected. The issue seems to come from the pipeline I’m using to generate the thumbnails. I will look into a fix when I have the time.