Cycling Ride Reports

Just for fun, this is a place for me to post more casual blog-type reports on my various cycling trips, mostly around Southwestern Pennsylvania. I’m not a particularly good cyclist, but I do enjoy it.

Growing up, I always enjoyed biking. I had a blue Columbia kid’s bike; when I got older, I graduated to a bright green bike whose brand escapes me. (It’s in our basement in New Jersey.) I have no clue where my dad got these bikes; knowing him, it was probably a garage sale or something. In elementary school I had the pleasure of biking down the street to school every morning. As a high school student I would occasionally ride around Monmouth County, sometimes going to the beach. I guess I really enjoyed the freedom that a bike offered, especially before I had my driver’s license. Even after I was able to drive a car, I was drawn to the bike’s beautiful simplicity (well, next to an automobile). It didn’t run on fuel—it only ran on my own two legs.

When I came to college, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring my bike; partly at my parents’ urging, I ultimately decided against it. However, when the COVID-19 lockdown happened, it became much more attractive to own a bike (particularly since there are no decent grocery stores in Oakland). Partially at my parents’ urging, I picked up a nice used hybrid from the kind people at BikeTek in Squirrel Hill. At first, this was mostly so that I could get my groceries without using public transportation in the middle of the pandemic, but I soon began using my bike for leisure again (and also for exercise).

I have dreams of getting a proper road bike at some point, but unfortunately they’re a tad pricey, and there seems to be a COVID-related supply shortage.

Note: I am still working on writing up some of my fall rides. Also, I know that some image thumbnails are flipped, although the full resolution images do not seem to suffer this. This issue seems to come from Imagemagick (which I’m using to generate the thumbnails); I will look into a fix when I have time.