About Me

Well, if it isn't another fairly generic personal website?

But yeah...I'm Eric, and I'm currently studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. Before that, I attended High Technology High School. I sometimes like computers (when they don't break on me). I also once had some claim to being decent at Latin, although my skills are declining (pun unintentional).

Honestly, you can probably learn more about me as a student/employee from my resume and as a person from the fun page.

Basic Bio

Eric Zheng
Central Jersey / Beijing / Pittsburgh
Daily Linux Distribution
Editor of Choice
Favorite Language
Oh, that kind of language
Matlab (I'm kidding!)
I would say Haskell, but I'm bad at it
Python grows on me the more science I do

As some rudimentary form of key distribution, have some keys:

Note that I recently (August 2019) generated a new PGP key, this time with shiny new Curve 25519 crypto! The old key is available here. I have signed the new public key with the old one here (forgive the confusing file names).

I was going to upload to a keyserver, and then you know... I did finally get around to Keybase, so you can verify this stuff there.