Miscellaneous Things

This page is more or less an index into all the random things that are on this site. I feel like the official index page is more of a frontispiece for the site, which is, I suppose, the norm for modern websites.

Local Resources

Here are the major things found on this site.

Some information about me and my website
My “technical” “blog”
Changelog for this website
Cycling stuff, including ride reports
Casual life updates, travel photos, etc.
Writings on Christian religion
My virtual bookshelf
Articles, websites, etc. that I found notable enough to save
Things that I’ve cooked

Here are some random other things that are here. Many of them were written in high school and exist for historical interest (i.e. my embarrassment).

One of the first pages I ever put up, showcasing a few CAD models from high school
An excellent scholarly publication. Erica has since reached out to me and, as far as I can tell, does not have a problem with it. (If you change your mind, just let me know.)
Some years ago I packaged Whitaker’s Words, a popular English–Latin dictionary, on x86_64 Linux
A bunch of school-related stuff, mostly written during high school. Perhaps the most notable things here are digital copies of the Cambridge Latin Course textbook series, which I “pirated” a while ago. Someone apparently found this useful enough to send me a thank-you email, which was very kind.
A basic wishlist, so that I have something to say when my parents ask me what I’d like for some holiday.

External Resources

Here are some great places on the Internet. (Warning: many of these may have been created by me.)

Me Elsewhere on the Internet

I can be found at other online places, although I don’t use all of them regularly (or really at all). Some of these include:

The handle air-wreck is from middle school; its connection to me should be obvious. It came about because I had a friend named Sameer, whose name we realized sounded a lot like “some ear.” The best I could come up with for my name was “air ick,” but I preferred “wreck” to “ick.”

If you’ve made it this far, you probably suspect that something is amiss. Perhaps you are convinced that there is some underlying conspiracy that drives the world. Perhaps you would not be wrong.

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