My parents sometimes ask me what I want for, say, my birthday; my answer is invariably the incredibly unhelpful “I don’t know.” To make things a little easier both for them (and possibly anyone who gets me in a “secret Santa”-type event), I’ve taken the time to write this basic list of things that would be cool to have. Honestly, this list is also in large part for my own benefit; it’s a repository of neat trinkets to buy once I have full-time job.


For him was rather have at his bed’s head / Twenty books, clothed in black or red / Of Aristotle, and his philosophy / Than robes rich, or fiddle, or psalt’ry.1

Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

I like physical books. You can see what I’ve been reading on my virtual bookshelf. I’ve tried to make this list reasonably diverse with respect to things like genre and price point.

You can also give me any book that you think I’d like!

Other Stuff

  1. Fun fact: a “psaltery” is a type of musical instrument. It is not, as I had assumed, the same thing as a psalter, which is a copy of the Psalms.↩︎