A Short Spin out to Dead Man’s Hollow

November 9, 2020
50.32 miles
Great Allegheny Passage

I’ve passed Dead Man’s Hollow plenty of times, but I finally decided to take a trip there and poke around a bit. I didn’t go too deep into the woods, but I took some nice pictures at this neat abandoned structure (really just some concrete ruins covered in graffiti).

An abandoned structure in the woods at Dead Man’s Hollow. (full resolution: left, center, right)

Along the way, I also saw some pleasant fall foliage. It’s quite late in the season, but I was able to get a couple of shots of the last of the pretty leaves, before they all fall off and winter truly comes.

The last of the fall foliage for this year. Also, a pretty bridge that I couldn’t help but include. (full resolution: left, center, right)