Provence 2021

Dance and Provençal song and sunburnt mirth!

John Keats, Ode to a Nightingale

Over the summer of 2021, I also spent a weekend in the beautiful south of France, in the lovely region of Provence. My main objective was to ride up the famous Mont Ventoux, but I also spent some time wandering around the old Roman town of Carpentras. (My original plan was to go visit the lavender fields around Sault, but unfortunately I sustained a cycling injury that prevented me from going. I guess that’s something for next time?)

So after work on Friday, I took a train to Lyon, where I spent the night in a cheap but serviceable hotel. Very early the next morning, I took a train to Avignon, and then another to Carpentras. I very nearly missed the train to Avignon.

After spending Saturday cycling, I spent Sunday rambling around the old town. While not exactly the lavender fields that I had planned to visit, Carpentras has its own sort of charm, with its old buildings and narrow streets. The town had evidently embraced its cycling connection; there were banners of notable cyclists like Pantani and Anquetil strung in some of the alleyways.

On Sunday night, I caught the train back to Avignon, where I spent the night before returning to Lille early Monday morning to get back to the office before work.

Oh, and since this is France, I’m legally obligated to show you pictures of the food:

Steak with fries and salad Dessert with tea Dish with fish
Meals eaten in Carpentras. (Click on any image to view at full resolution.)