England 2019 (London, Bath, Cambridge)

I actually spent about a year or two in London when I was growing up, but I was very young (maybe three or four years old), so I don’t remember it. In the summer before I went to college, we finally went back to London for a week on vacation.

We attended Sunday service (Sung Eucharist) at Westminster Abbey; this was probably the most beautiful church service that I’ve ever been to. No doubt the sacred ambiance contributed to this. On the way out, I saw an inscription reading H.S.E. Isaacus Newton. Inferring that H.S.E. stood for something like hic situs est (“here lies”), I realized that this was Newton’s grave!1

Observatory above trees Ornate bridge across river Stone tower
We also visited other classic London spots such as the Greenwich Royal Observatory, the Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. (Click on any image to view at full resolution.)

Unfortunately, the most famous London monument of them all, Big Ben, was under renovation when we visited. I did, however, get a picture in front of the famous statue Boadicea and Her Daughters, which is featured in none other than the highly prestigious Cambridge Latin Course textbook series!

There’s quite a lot to see in London; doubtless one could spend a whole week there without seeing it all. I haven’t even included any pictures of Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and some other cool places. But there’s plenty else to see in England. Having been a Latin student for six years, I naturally had to make the holy Latin student pilgrimage to Bath to see, well, the Roman baths.

Before you ask, yes, I drank the green water. I’m still alive, so I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? At Bath, we had lunch at a very cute, old-fashioned British tea shop.

I also went on a day trip to Cambridge with my dad. I got to see some artifacts associated with famous people, which was cool.

Cambridge has a very beautiful campus in general. Honestly, Henry Hornbostel, the man who designed CMU’s campus, could probably have done with a visit to Cambridge!2

  1. Okay, it turns out that that’s his monument. His tomb is actually a few feet away, elsewhere in the abbey.↩︎

  2. Kidding…CMU, while no Princeton, is above average on the campus architecture front as far as I’m concerned.↩︎