Japan 2019 (Tokyo, Kyoto)

At the very end of 2019, we spent a week in Japan. We went to Tokyo first, where we saw cool sights and (of course) ate great food. It turns out that one of my dad’s relatives married a Japanese man; we had dinner with them at a conveyor belt sushi place. However, the Japanese in-law wouldn’t let us touch the sushi on the conveyor belts, insisting that it wasn’t fresh enough. He instead ordered some stuff directly from the chef behind the counter. I’m no sushi connoisseur, but it was pretty tasty.

After that, we stayed in Kyoto for a few days, including New Year’s Day. There are plenty of cultural attractions there.

We encountered some of the serene Zen scenes that Japan is known for:

But it’s also known for several very crowded places:

Anyway, no blog post about Japan would be complete without some pictures of food, so here you go:

Just to round out this post, here are some more pictures of me that were taken in Japan. This is my personal website, after all!