China Summer 2019 (Guangzhou, Shanghai)

During the summer of 2019, I went to Guangzhou, Shanghai, and, of course, Beijing. In Guangzhou, we were mostly just visiting family (and eating a lot).

If the Guangzhou skyline looks familiar, that might be because my profile picture on a few different sites was taken there:

Head of Asian man on boat at night
My profile picture for more than a few websites. Annabel took this picture on a boat. (Click on any image to view at full resolution.)

The next week, my dad was going on a business trip to Shanghai and asked if I wanted to tag along. While he was working, I walked around the city and visited one of the museums.

As a “father–son bonding activity,” we went to a couple of bars to have my first drink. (The legal drinking age in China is eighteen, whereas it’s twenty-one in the US.) I don’t have the pictures of this, although I know that they exist…

We also visited a very tiny island somewhere in the middle of a lake for some kind of church retreat, I think. Our rooms were quite hot and full of flies. There are probably some good pictures of this somewhere, but I’ll have to look for them.