China 2016 (Beijing, Steppes)

Since I go to Beijing somewhat regularly, I’ve been to the Forbidden City more times than I care for, but I’ve got to include the obligatory picture. We also went to a few more classic Beijing attractions, like the Bird’s Nest stadium and Yuanmingyuan1 (the old summer palace) with my grandma. A slightly more unorthodox place to visit is the 798 art district, which has a “trendy” sort of vibe to it. We also visited a science museum, which had a couple of really cool exhibits. My favorite was a dimly-lit room where the floor was placed on a slight angle but the walls were vertical. Your brain perceives the room as normal, but gravity has an apparent sideways slant.

One really cool thing: we got to visit the steppes! I think in Chinese these are called the cao yuan. There were some Mongolian-themed attractions and some pretty wildflowers.

  1. Actually, my Beijing visits kind of blend together in my mind. I don’t remember if that was this trip or a previous trip.↩︎