The Carnegie Mellon administration really wants its students to have some sort of school spirit, so they push Andrew Carnegie’s Scottish heritage quite hard. They even published an official CMU recipe for shortbread (among other Scottish goodies)! I wanted to try this, but it included some ingredients that I did not have, so I just settled on a simple recipe that I found using only butter, flour, and sugar. This is what it looked like out of the oven:

Shortbread, uncut and cut. (full resolution: left, right)

And here is what it looked like when split into bars:

Shortbread bars, top view and side view. (full resolution: left, right)

Actually, before I made regular shortbread, I once tried making blueberry shortbread. This happened after I once bought some blueberries and wondered what I could make with them. Following after my dad, I happen to like shortbread, so this seemed like the ideal thing to make. I probably didn’t reserve enough of the crumb mixture for the topping, so it ended up looking more like a crumble (?) and less like a shortbread. It’s a little concerning knowing just how much butter goes into pastries; since Chinese cooking doesn’t use butter, my butter usually just sits in the fridge until I bake something—then it suddenly all disappears.

Blueberry shortbread, whole and cut. (full resolution: left, right)